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360 Entrepreneur Podcast: The Show for Entrepreneurs, Business-Builders and Small Business Owners

Jul 26, 2017

If you are ignoring LinkedIn you're missing out on business opportunities! Today's expert LinkedIn expert Sarah Santacroce explains why and shares advice to generate leads and land clients with the social media platform.


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Jul 19, 2017

How can you leverage Pinterest to get traffic, leads and clients? Pinterest marketing expert Summer Tannhauser stops by the show to tell you how to do exactly that!


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Jul 12, 2017

Online courses can be a powerful asset for your online business...but how can you make sure that you create one that makes a difference? ZenCourse founder and online courses expert Janelle Allen shares her insight on planning, content creation and sales.


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Jul 5, 2017

How can business owners successfully leverage the 80/20 principle for marketing and increase sales? Internet marketing legend Perry Marshall shares his 80/20 and discusses how most businesses get their Unique Selling Proposition wrong.


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